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On this site you will have access to information regarding our professional associations, experience, company history and structure.

Along the way we hope you obtain an insight into our vision for a sustainable future through the alternative construction and design methods available in today's building environment.

You also have the opportunity to be introduced to our highly skilled and dedicated team and view examples of the houses we have completed (or that are currently under construction). To view these examples please select the Residential and Precast Concrete sections in the navigation links at the bottom of this page.

At present our Commercial section of the site is not available, however we are working hard to bring this to you in the near future. If you have any queries regarding this form of construction we advise that you make contact directly so that one of our team can help you get your project up and running.

We are a Practice Member of the New Zealand Institute of Architects. We can also offer Arbitration and Mediation services as a completely separate service when conflict resolution is desired in business and personal endeavors.

Please enjoy your visit to our site and please make contact if you desire any further information or wish to engage our services.


      Our Commercial Section is currently being developed